Journalism After Hours: Woman wearing surgical booties saunters into York bar

Woman wearing plastic surgical booties.

The funny thing about journalism: Even when you’re not at work, you’re still at work.

To be clear: I carry my iPhone and a notepad EVERYWHERE. It’s the digital journalist way.

You never know when a story — or a very peculiar woman — might cross your path.

Early Friday evening, I was responsibly enjoying a refreshing adult beverage with some associates in the White Rose City when a woman, clad in what appeared to be blue surgical booties emerged from the darkness.

It’s not everyday you see something this weird in the nation’s first capital. (OK, that’s a lie.)

I was intrigued.

How had this creature of mystery ended up in our fair metropolis?

In hand was a citation for disorderly conduct. She had been arrested and didn’t have time to put on shoes in the fray.

Meanwhile, she sauntered into Bistro 19, booties and all, to call a cab — and, apparently, purchase a beer.

A beer? At a time like this?

I’m not sure I could enjoy myself after being slapped with the law of the land.

Her spirit to keep on keeping on (minus appropriate footwear) inspired me.

In digital journalist (or COPS) fashion, I interviewed her on video, but chose not to post it here to protect the innocent (or guilty, I guess, depending on how that D.C. works out.)


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