Kids say the darndest things … from MY Twitter account. #boyer101

  1. For the York Daily Record/Sunday News high school journalism workshop, I allowed one member of the audience to tweet AS me from MY account.
  2. Here’s what happened:
  3. First, I had to warn the Twittersphere what was about to happen.
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    This account is about to be hijacked by high school #journalism students. Everybody watch out. It’s #boyer101
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:29:33
  5. From there, all hell broke loose. As you can tell, they took my idea of “mobile” offices VERY seriously.
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    yeah I get paid to hangout at gas stations that’s whats up #boyeronthemove
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:44:01
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    when you get kicked out of the office..go to a diner #boyer101
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:41:46
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    Mall walking fo lyfe!
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:49:49
  9. Then, I had some technical difficulties. Happens to the best of us.
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    First I can’t figure out how to turn the lights off, now I can’t get this internet to work #boyerprobs
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:47:01
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    Where da volume at?!
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:47:46
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    Oh no,my ipad battery is at 79% already!
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:56:02
  13. I showed the kids this blog post about Notability. Again, they took me super seriously. As seriously as a broken stylus.
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    Hmm,trying to understand my own chicken scratch I wrote down with my stylist.
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:57:33
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    Had to get a tetnis shot after roaming around in a rusty old farm
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 11:03:44
  16. Then, I spoke highly of this live chat about romance, while enlightening the children about my experiences with Cover It Live.
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    White Rose Matchmaker,she’ll hook you up!
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 11:09:17
  18. I was shocked. Most of the kids had their phones. At school. Back in the day (and by that I mean 2006) I had to resort to extreme measures to use my Nokia tracphone.
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    When I was in school I had to sneak in the bathroom to use my phone #boyerprobs
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 11:13:54
  20. I’m pretty sure everyone in the newsroom watching my Tweets were happy when the following tweet was twittered:
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    Okay,I’m done talking for now.
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 11:15:03

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