Stoopin’ in the city: No one is safe from the Boyer CreeperCam

Tis the season to be stoopin'! I snagged this gem with my iPhone and posted it on's York City Limits blog.

To be clear, I have never in my life owned an iPhone.

So, when I was chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab team, I was thrilled with the prospect of having a high quality digital camera (as well as the Twitters) at my disposal at all times.

I’m nosy, you see, and I’m always nearly-crashing my car trying to get a photo of some weird bugger walking along the sidewalk.

Last week, it was the guy spilling his grocery bag in the street.

This week, it was the stooper, pictured above.

Really, no one is safe from the Boyer CreeperCam.

I wanted a place to put these weird moments, so I gained access to the York City Limits blog.

Below, I have posted what I wrote about the aforementioned stooper.

     Monday marked the beginning of some warm weather inside the York city limits.
     And we all know what that means.
     It’s stoop season.
     Full disclosure: I suffer from stoop envy.
     My stoop on West Philadelphia Street is a measly slab of concrete. Not good for hanging out.
     That’s why, when I saw the gent above, I had to hang my iPhone out the window and capture the moment.
     He appears to be basking in the glory of his stoop.
     I hope you are, too.
     Happy (almost) summer everyone!

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