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It’s all in how you spin it: ‘Storage Wars’ live chat a surprising success this week

A York Daily Record/Sunday News file photo shows Bob Anthony, maintenance worker at U-Stor-It in York County.

A month ago, Denise Anthony at U-STOR-IT self storage, a local storage locker business, contacted me about doing a live chat.

Initially, I had my doubts.

Why would anyone want to chat with a storage unit place? Storage lockers, to me, seemed to be a niche so specific it wouldn’t attract a large audience.

Then I thought bigger: STORAGE WARS! Continue reading


The Legend of Gravity Hill: A tale of two videos

From time to time, I keep tabs on this old video of me, a 20-year-old intern at the Patriot-News in Harrisburg.

It was filmed in the summer of 2008 by photographer Michael Fernandez.

It was my father who told me about the infamous hill in Lewisberry, a town in the northern part of York County near Harrisburg where the coverage areas of the York Daily Record and Patriot-News technically overlap. Continue reading

#boyer101: The best high school journalism workshop session EVER.

That’s me, molding young minds.

For the York Daily Record/Sunday News 19th annual high school journalism workshop, I presented my ideaLab project and the concept of the “mobile newsroom.”

I also did something that made at least two of my colleagues cringe.

During my 45-minute session, dubbed #boyer101, I allowed the self-proclaimed snarkiest member of the audience to tweet AS me from MY account, @laurenboyer.

Hilarity ensued. Continue reading

Kids say the darndest things … from MY Twitter account. #boyer101

  1. For the York Daily Record/Sunday News high school journalism workshop, I allowed one member of the audience to tweet AS me from MY account.
  2. Here’s what happened:
  3. First, I had to warn the Twittersphere what was about to happen.
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    This account is about to be hijacked by high school #journalism students. Everybody watch out. It’s #boyer101
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:29:33
  5. From there, all hell broke loose. As you can tell, they took my idea of “mobile” offices VERY seriously.
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    yeah I get paid to hangout at gas stations that’s whats up #boyeronthemove
    Thu, Apr 26 2012 10:44:01
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In other news … Lauren wins something finally

Other than this (which was possibly the most exciting news of my two-years-out-of-college career), I don’t usually win stuff.

Especially things involving writing that are … well … somewhat subjective in nature.

So I was pleasantly surprised this morning to discover I had won a Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors Award for second place in feature writing. Continue reading

Blabbing about live chats: A shout out from DFM editor Mandy Jenkins at ‘Zombie Journalism’

I searched 'zombie' on The Google, and this is the first thing that showed up.

Blabbing about journalism is always fun.

This week I got to do just that.

Mandy Jenkins, Digital Projects Editor at Digital First Media, talked to me for her blog, Zombie Journalism.

Click here to read the interview.

I talked about my weekly live chats with area businesses and what I’ve learned, along with providing a “how-to” on using the kick-ass Cover It Live application to engage the community.

Check it out.

Mobile reporter roadblock: Why giving the world your iPhone number can be bad for business.

So, when I got my iPhone a few weeks ago, I sort of made the number available to the public. Continue reading