Why it’s never too early to think about DEATH: An estate planning live chat

Attorney Thomas Shorb of Stock & Leader chatted about estate planning with ydr.com readers on Friday.

I’m open to almost any topic with these live chats. The crazier the better.

Panelists currently floating around my head include:


Marriage counselors.

Ghost hunters.

Anything, really, that’s going to create a captive digital audience.

Lately, though, I’ve been focusing my live chats on lawyers — a traditional example of a professional a person might have to pay to meet with.

A couple weeks ago, I met with the marketing director and two attorneys at Stock & Leader, a somewhat large law firm in York city.

Using my iPad, I resorted to Cover It Live’s “practice” function, showing the threesome the ease of this application.

On Friday, we chatted on ydr.com with the firm’s estate planning guru, Thomas Shorb.

You can replay that chat by clicking here.

During the chat, one participant — whose comments were never posted — got mouthy with me, slamming Shorb’s answers as lacking in expertise.

Specifically, he demanded answers about cost to file his will, his power of attorney and his living will documents.

He started attacking me — and the chat.

At this point, I was thankful for Cover It Live’s moderator function, which allows me to choose which comments get posted. (This also saved my behind a few weeks ago when, unexpectedly, commenters were attempting to use the chat to criticize a panelist’s personal life.)

In any case, it’s important to remind people that this is INFORMATIONAL. It isn’t a substitute for sitting down with an actual attorney and airing the particulars of your case.

In this, I’m trying to provide a public service and cultivate an audience of people who appreciate free advice.

But it’s just that. FREE.

There are limits. And sometimes you get what you pay for.


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