Presenting for York Young Professionals AND a newspaper editor’s hatred for the giant cardboard check

Sometimes, the York Daily Record/Sunday News lets me do cool stuff — like talk in public.

Last week, I joined the paper’s Business Editor Cathy Hirko and Managing Editor Randy Parker  for a presentation with the York Young Professionals about how they can get their thoughts and ideas published.

I learned a lot myself.

But before I get to the good part, here’s something funnier:


That’s our fearless leader with an EASEL. #DigitalFirst

 For those of you who aren’t familiar, The Google says an easel is “a similar frame for displaying charts, promotional materials, announcements, etc.”

Cathy and I (but mainly just Cathy) hauled this antique down the street for several blocks before we arrived at Bistro 19, a bar in downtown York.

While at the bar, Randy shared his animosity toward those photos where people pose with huge cardboard checks. The people in these photos are sometimes backed up against a wall like they’re ready to be executed by firing squad.

One of my Twitter followers, @Jootsy, learned about this pet peeve. Minutes — and a little photo-shopping later — the above photo was turned into THIS:

Thanks, Jootsy. This is kind of amazing. Not going to lie.

As for the presentation itself, I can’t wait to do it again. It was nice to discuss business in an informal setting.

I don’t get to do it nearly enough.

I’ve gotten lots of emails from attendees, either asking to get together, volunteering for live chats, or pitching story ideas.  Makes my job a hell of a lot more fun.

And, as usual, I collected tons of business cards — luckily none with photos. (Read this if you don’t get the reference)


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