Live chatting about the law — connecting readers to a civil/criminal attorney

Attorney Joshua Autry answered legal questions for our readers during Friday's live chat.

The purpose of these weekly live chats is to connect readers with business professionals they would either have to pay or make a concerted effort to meet with.

I thought about bringing in a stock broker. A financial adviser. A psychiatrist.

And then I got an idea.

What kind of professional notoriously charges the most per hour? How could I offer this to readers for free with enough incentive for the panelist to make their efforts worthwhile?

Lawyers. The answer was lawyers.

My coworker April Trotter hooked me up with her friend, Joshua Autry, who has defended clients in several murder trials in York County.

Click here to see the live chat we did on Friday with Autry, who answered questions ranging from overdue parking tickets to expunging criminal records.

A Twitter follower, and fellow attorney, earlier in the day warned me against advertising this chat as free “legal advice.” He said that doing so can be an ethical issue for the attorney.

I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble, so I’m going to check on this before our next legal live chat in two weeks.

The March 9 live chat with Eric Brewer of CR Property Group will focus on issues of buying and selling real estate.

I’m always looking for suggestions for future live chats. If you have any, please post them below.


2 responses to “Live chatting about the law — connecting readers to a civil/criminal attorney

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  2. Dahlila Grant

    I would like to know if an attorney requested a mistrial and the judge denied. Can the judge sentence a person for 65 years without prove of the crime? The years seem to high without evident.

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