Honored to be a chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab — no rules, just tools

On Thursday, something awesome happened.

I was one of 25 MediaNews Group employees chosen to join Digital First Media’s ideaLab. More than 500 people applied, according to CEO John Paton’s blog post.

I couldn’t be more honored and excited — and, truthfully, a little intimidated.

Here’s the gist of what ideaLab entails:

“The new ideaLab members will be equipped with the latest tools and the Company will provide them the time and money to experiment. Each member of the ideaLab will be equipped, initially, with a Smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The Company will carve out 10 hours a week from their regular jobs to allow them time to experiment with these tools and report back on how we can change our business for the better. And we will add an extra $500 per month to their pay.

Other than that – there are no rules. Just go play and come back and tell us how to run our business better.”

Here’s my application for the position, as posted earlier, and what York Daily Record/Sunday News Editor Jim McClure had to say.



14 responses to “Honored to be a chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab — no rules, just tools

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