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Why it’s never too early to think about DEATH: An estate planning live chat

Attorney Thomas Shorb of Stock & Leader chatted about estate planning with readers on Friday.

I’m open to almost any topic with these live chats. The crazier the better.

Panelists currently floating around my head include:


Marriage counselors.

Ghost hunters.

Anything, really, that’s going to create a captive digital audience.

Lately, though, I’ve been focusing my live chats on lawyers — a traditional example of a professional a person might have to pay to meet with. Continue reading


Primping for my close-up: New year, new reporter headshot

This is my new reporter mugshot, taken by the lovely Kate Penn, YDR photographer extraordinaire.

I know, I know. I just spent an entire column making fun of executive glamour shots.

But I couldn’t resist taking a new reporter headshot on Thursday after finding out I’d need to send one in for Digital First Media’s ideaLab.

I mean, really? What’s a girl to do?

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The past two weeks: A concert for LIVE and two live chats

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy.

On Monday, I went to a concert for LIVE, the group I wrote about not too long ago. It was a good networking opportunity — and plus, I’ve never actually heard them play.

(I was more interested in Barbies than bands when their big album ‘Throwing Copper’ came out in the early 90s.)

Here I am with Chad Taylor, guitarist for The Gracious Few and LIVE. Taken at an after party at the White Rose Bar and Grill in York.

At the concert, they revealed their new lead singer, Chris Shinn.

Three of the band members — Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey — along with real estate developer Bill Hynes, make up Think Loud Development, a group that plans to rehab real estate in the city.

Read that story here.


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Presenting for York Young Professionals AND a newspaper editor’s hatred for the giant cardboard check

Sometimes, the York Daily Record/Sunday News lets me do cool stuff — like talk in public.

Last week, I joined the paper’s Business Editor Cathy Hirko and Managing Editor Randy Parker  for a presentation with the York Young Professionals about how they can get their thoughts and ideas published.

I learned a lot myself.

But before I get to the good part, here’s something funnier:

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COLUMN: Executive glamour shots and the art of the business card photo

Originally published on the Money & More cover of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Daily Record/Sunday News

I love business cards.

I'm not so sure about business card photos.

On occasion, I’ve been known to distribute mine at bars, parties and other venues that would probably make my editors cringe.

It sows seeds for potential stories, I convince myself.

That. And I’m just vain.

In 2012, it’s much more practical to enter a colleague’s contact information into a smartphone. Save the rainforest.

But I’m hooked on that ecstasy – a high only achieved in the millisecond where you slip someone that rectangular piece of cardstock that says, with a hint of arrogance, “Hey, I work here.” Continue reading

Live chatting about the law — connecting readers to a civil/criminal attorney

Attorney Joshua Autry answered legal questions for our readers during Friday's live chat.

The purpose of these weekly live chats is to connect readers with business professionals they would either have to pay or make a concerted effort to meet with.

I thought about bringing in a stock broker. A financial adviser. A psychiatrist.

And then I got an idea.

What kind of professional notoriously charges the most per hour? How could I offer this to readers for free with enough incentive for the panelist to make their efforts worthwhile?

Lawyers. The answer was lawyers. Continue reading

Honored to be a chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab — no rules, just tools

On Thursday, something awesome happened.

I was one of 25 MediaNews Group employees chosen to join Digital First Media’s ideaLab. More than 500 people applied, according to CEO John Paton’s blog post.

I couldn’t be more honored and excited — and, truthfully, a little intimidated.

Here’s the gist of what ideaLab entails:

“The new ideaLab members will be equipped with the latest tools and the Company will provide them the time and money to experiment. Each member of the ideaLab will be equipped, initially, with a Smartphone, tablet and laptop.

The Company will carve out 10 hours a week from their regular jobs to allow them time to experiment with these tools and report back on how we can change our business for the better. And we will add an extra $500 per month to their pay.

Other than that – there are no rules. Just go play and come back and tell us how to run our business better.”

Here’s my application for the position, as posted earlier, and what York Daily Record/Sunday News Editor Jim McClure had to say.