Don’t tread on me. Just roll with it. I’m TIREd of these puns.

Last week, I visited Maine Industrial Tire — a manufacturer of solid rubber tires in Red Lion, Pa.

CEO Troy Kline, had a worker load this 80-inch-diameter tire onto a forklift so I could strike some poses. The following, captured by Paul Kuehnel, documents what happened next:

When I told my friends about a year ago that my new beat would be manufacturing, they were sort of confused.

They figured I’d look extremely out-of-place in a factory with my pearl necklaces, argyle sweaters and peep-toe pumps.

I’m not arguing that I don’t look ridiculous. I’m just learning to master my own awkwardness.


This company is fighting a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce over “dumping” and “countervailing” customs duties that put its forerunner, GPX International Tires, out of business in 2009.

Dumping occurs when a company exports goods to a country for less than fair market value, typically to gain an initial foothold in a marketplace.

Countervailing occurs when an industry in one country receives subsidies, allowing those products to be sold at a lower cost in another nation.

To read the full story, click here.


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