Dating dilemma? We live chatted about LOVE with a professional matchmaker

White Rose Matchmaker Rebekah Sweeney did a live chat with us. We'll re-purpose her answers into a Q&A for the paper.

Check out this live chat we did with the White Rose Matchmaker. It’s the second in a series of Friday live chats I’m attempting.

People love to blab about their relationships.

I know, because I have two X chromosomes.

I’ve sat through phone conversation after phone conversation after G-chat conversation with a female friend going through some sort of emotional turmoil over a guy who didn’t pay on the first date or another who just wants to get her in the sack as soon as possible.

I’ve also, allbeit shamefully, been on the other side of that dialogue.

So — in honor of Valentine’s Day — I wanted to channel that feminine drama into this week’s live chat.

It’s something new I’m trying to spice up the business beat. The idea is to use our corner of the website to connect people with business professionals they would otherwise have to pay or make a concerted effort to meet with themselves.

It also lets the reader be the reporter. They get to ask their own questions. It’s not me, Lauren Boyer, deciding what’s important enough to include in a Q&A for the newspaper.

I’m working with some folks to get a lawyer, an energy company and a property group on board for some sessions down the road.

Last week, we chatted with some CPAs who offered tax advice.

This week, the White Rose Matchmaker brought the heat.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, but I promoted the crap out of it in the paper, on Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

We doubled the audience from last week’s chat and had a slew of questions ranging from “How do I break the news to a prospective date that I’ve been married three times?” to “What should I wear on my date?”

Check. It. Out.



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