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Don’t tread on me. Just roll with it. I’m TIREd of these puns.

Last week, I visited Maine Industrial Tire — a manufacturer of solid rubber tires in Red Lion, Pa.

CEO Troy Kline, had a worker load this 80-inch-diameter tire onto a forklift so I could strike some poses. The following, captured by Paul Kuehnel, documents what happened next:

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Third weekly live chat: Ask the advice of an energy consultant

Click here to check out my latest weekly business live chat with Richards Energy Group of Manheim, Pa.

At, I’ve done three weekly Friday live chats on our business page. One was with a dating coach. The other allowed readers to ask tax prep questions to a local CPA firm.

I’m trying to use Cover It Live to engage readers in conversation with types of advisers they might have to pay or make an effort to meet with. Continue reading

My visit to the cabinet distributor and a shout out from its CEO

The below article originally appeared on the front page of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Thursday, February 2, 2012.

Click here to see what Wolf Organization CEO Tom Wolf said on his blog about the story, and the future of his private label cabinet business.

Also, here’s a 360-panoramic photo of the company’s warehouse that I took and tweeted out using my iPad.

Daily Record/Sunday News

The Shaker-style line of cabinets in the  Wolf  Organization’s West Manchester Township showroom bear the name of Tom  Wolf’s alma mater.

He dubbed it “the Dartmouth,” but, really, he could have named it anything.

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Dating dilemma? We live chatted about LOVE with a professional matchmaker

White Rose Matchmaker Rebekah Sweeney did a live chat with us. We'll re-purpose her answers into a Q&A for the paper.

Check out this live chat we did with the White Rose Matchmaker. It’s the second in a series of Friday live chats I’m attempting.

People love to blab about their relationships.

I know, because I have two X chromosomes.

I’ve sat through phone conversation after phone conversation after G-chat conversation with a female friend going through some sort of emotional turmoil over a guy who didn’t pay on the first date or another who just wants to get her in the sack as soon as possible.

I’ve also, allbeit shamefully, been on the other side of that dialogue.

So — in honor of Valentine’s Day — I wanted to channel that feminine drama into this week’s live chat. Continue reading

Adhesives Research explained in the quirkiest way possible

Originally published on the Money & More cover of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, October 2, 2011.

Wrote this story a while ago. It’s an oldie but a goodie. Things aren’t always simple on the manufacturing beat. I try to boil it down for the common folk. Here is a prime example of that:

Daily Record/Sunday News

Adhesives Research likely isn’t a household name.

The company, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, sits nestled in Springfield Township farmland off the Interstate 83 exit for Glen Rock.

With a sign stamped “Adhesives Research,” the uneducated onlooker probably assumes the complex produces . . . well . . . adhesives.


But it’s much more than just transparent tape or the paste you used to sniff in art class. Continue reading

Making tax season sexy: Using Cover It Live to connect readers with local accountants

Click here to check out the live chat I did this week with local CPAs. It’s pretty cool. I promise.

Taxes — at least to me — are one of the most mundane topics I may ever have to write about on this beat.

They just are. They happen every year. Nothing really changes, minus a few new deductions here and there.

In essence, they are the business beat equivalent of covering high school graduations — or worse, Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania.

Necessary, but not the most exciting. Continue reading

The complaint department: A local example of social media’s impact on patron-business interaction

Originally published on the Money & More cover of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

***I found this story while trolling on Twitter last weekend. Some seemed shocked at the interaction that appeared on their Facebook newsfeed. I decided to pursue it as a local example of a situation that plagues business across the country.

Daily Record/Sunday News

Joyce Salazar was washing bar dishes last weekend when a frustrated group mistakenly identified her as a member of the waitstaff.

That’s when the owner of La Casa De Tapas, which opened last year, said she swallowed a profanity-laced insult from a member of the party, frustrated that a table wasn’t available on that busy Saturday night. They had made a reservation, she said, earlier that day.

Salazar made some space at the bar. She offered them complimentary drinks and tapas – small Spanish, Peruvian and Mediterranean dishes – while they waited.

Nothing, she said, seemed to calm them down. Continue reading