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Car wars: The business of booting in downtown York , Pa.

Sure, they’re all over big cities — used by police as a punishment for those who refuse to pay their parking tickets.

But when the boot came to York, people seemed more than confused.

They wondered: Are the police doing this? The parking authority? Continue reading

Stoop barbecues and other non-journalism related things that happened in May

You know it's the best month ever when you get to eat a hot dog that looks like this.

You know it’s the best month ever when you get to eat a hot dog that looks like this.

This month has been the greatest.

Excuse the hand shadow.

Excuse the hand shadow.

Two Fridays ago, I went to the Pennsylvania Associated Press Managing Editors News Excellence awards dinner to accept a First Place in Business Writing for this beastly story package that Sean and I wrote this year.

Then, I went to Chicago.

While in the Windy City, I consumed my weight in food and bought more clothes than would fit in my suitcase on the plane ride back.

Sorry, TSA. Continue reading

Exploring York County dive bars and a column on the ‘pie party’

Another day on the job.

Remember that time I ate pie and made new friends in a rural neighborhood? 

That column finally made it in the paper. I used Dickey’s fruit pie recipe as a breakout.

Hyperlocal fun!

You can check it out here. Continue reading

Boyer after hours: Halloween adventures at the Hex House. Also, I stubbed my toe in a cemetery.

A Boyer family Halloween circa 1992. I have gangrene on my face, and my sister Casey, the provider of this photo, looks like one miserable pumpkin. Those were the good old days. ©

I love ghost stories. In fact, I dedicated an Sunday enterprise piece to a few local ghost hunters and the business that could be brought to several in-need historic sites, if they only marketed themselves as “haunted.”

Last night, the partner-in-crime and I had tickets for a historic ghost tour of downtown York. I couldn’t wait.

When we got there, the tour was, more or less, a history lesson with a few “…and this place might be haunted” statements tossed in. Continue reading

Today in mobile reporting news: Someone punched my car

Today started like this and ended with a punch in my car.

This morning was lovely.

I had a pleasant walk from my house to the OffCenter Grill at the Yorktowne Hotel, where I planned to sip coffee and put the finishing touches on a story for the business page.

On the walk home, I stopped at the market and ran into Nuts About Granola employee Kenny Brown, who recommends a piano bar in this oh-so-awesome video I made at my last mobile reporting at the venue.

I bought some fresh vegetables. I went home and ate lunch. Continue reading

In case you missed it … A YDR Insider Q&A with yours truly

Can’t get enough of me?

Check out this Q&A in the York Daily Record’s YDR Insider blog.

The blog itself is where we discuss cool stuff, like what’s going on inside the newsroom.

In this post, I examine tidbits of my oh-so-exciting existence, including the time I got meningitis and the future of journalism.

Read it.

That is all.

The #ideaLab office last week: Martin Memorial Library

Here’s the office last Tuesday. Martin Memorial Library in York city.

It’s been a while. Took some vacation recently, and I’m just starting to catch up with all my work.

I figured a library would be the perfect place to do that.

My co-worker and I are working on a long-term project, and I needed to focus.

Exhausted, I rolled out of bed Tuesday morning and walked to Martin Library, just a few blocks from my house, ready to put my ideaLab project in overdrive. Continue reading

Journalism After Hours: Woman wearing surgical booties saunters into York bar

Woman wearing plastic surgical booties.

The funny thing about journalism: Even when you’re not at work, you’re still at work.

To be clear: I carry my iPhone and a notepad EVERYWHERE. It’s the digital journalist way.

You never know when a story — or a very peculiar woman — might cross your path.

Early Friday evening, I was responsibly enjoying a refreshing adult beverage with some associates in the White Rose City when a woman, clad in what appeared to be blue surgical booties emerged from the darkness. Continue reading

Stoopin’ in the city: No one is safe from the Boyer CreeperCam

Tis the season to be stoopin'! I snagged this gem with my iPhone and posted it on ydr.com's York City Limits blog.

To be clear, I have never in my life owned an iPhone.

So, when I was chosen for Digital First Media’s ideaLab team, I was thrilled with the prospect of having a high quality digital camera (as well as the Twitters) at my disposal at all times. Continue reading

Primping for my close-up: New year, new reporter headshot

This is my new reporter mugshot, taken by the lovely Kate Penn, YDR photographer extraordinaire.

I know, I know. I just spent an entire column making fun of executive glamour shots.

But I couldn’t resist taking a new reporter headshot on Thursday after finding out I’d need to send one in for Digital First Media’s ideaLab.

I mean, really? What’s a girl to do?

Continue reading