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Giant sunflowers, the case of the missing WellSpan EMS, and other happenings

Between vacation and other shenanigans, I have been really REALLY bad at blogging lately.

So, here’s the run down of what I’ve been up to since the strip club story broke my heart when it ended abruptly: Continue reading

Boyer prepares to weather the storm: A list of pro tips for journalists covering Sandy

After I performed the list of tasks below, I wrote this blog while consuming a Grey Goose and orange juice. Gotta load up on Vitamin C before the storm, kids!

Hurricane Sandy is on her way. As a resident of Pennsylvania, I’m following along with the traditional inclement weather protocol of panicking while purchasing bread and milk like it’s the end of the world.

As a journalist, this preparation includes a few extra things.

1. First, I fed the Boyermobile. It was hungry.

Here I am at Rutter’s on Pennsylvania Avenue filling my car with gas and wearing my jammies just because Cost: $48. But it’s necessary.  I’ll probably be out-and-about tomorrow, and if there’s no power I can charge my devices in the car.

2. I stocked up on supplies. Need to keep my glucose up.

Pro tip: Runts, Sour Patch Kids and assorted licorice thingies are crucial to the operation.

3. I loaded up my psychedelic orange gym bag with clothes and deodorant in case I’m stranded somewhere awkward tomorrow and can’t catch a boat to Walmart.

There may or may not be toilet paper in this bag. You can never be too careful.

As you can see, I’m all ready for Sandy. I’m also halfway through my vodka and orange.

I’m going to finish that and get to bed.

Signing off, folks.

Distraction du jour: Creepin’ on my neighborhood using social mapping tool GatheringPoint

What’s going on in Boyer’s neighborhood? Click the map.

So, because WordPress is dumb, and I can’t figure out how to embed an iFrame into the non-customized blog that I barely pay anything annually for, here’s the deal:

Today, my editor Cathy Hirko gave me a distraction that, if executed properly, should keep me sufficiently amused all weekend.  Continue reading

Today in mobile reporting news: Someone punched my car

Today started like this and ended with a punch in my car.

This morning was lovely.

I had a pleasant walk from my house to the OffCenter Grill at the Yorktowne Hotel, where I planned to sip coffee and put the finishing touches on a story for the business page.

On the walk home, I stopped at the market and ran into Nuts About Granola employee Kenny Brown, who recommends a piano bar in this oh-so-awesome video I made at my last mobile reporting at the venue.

I bought some fresh vegetables. I went home and ate lunch. Continue reading

#fatatwork: ideaLab cupcake torture and my new favorite hashtag

Working in a cupcake shop. No big deal … unless you have a sweet tooth.

This week, in #ideaLab mobile reportingland, let’s talk a little about willpower.

On Thursday, I voluntarily decided to work from the oasis of deliciousness known as Macklin’s Cupcakes.

I hadn’t really been out to that side of the county. I hadn’t really tortured myself, either. Continue reading

It’s all in how you spin it: ‘Storage Wars’ live chat a surprising success this week

A York Daily Record/Sunday News file photo shows Bob Anthony, maintenance worker at U-Stor-It in York County.

A month ago, Denise Anthony at U-STOR-IT self storage, a local storage locker business, contacted me about doing a live chat.

Initially, I had my doubts.

Why would anyone want to chat with a storage unit place? Storage lockers, to me, seemed to be a niche so specific it wouldn’t attract a large audience.

Then I thought bigger: STORAGE WARS! Continue reading

Attempting to lure ‘American Pickers’ to York County using social media

(In the above video, Gary Richardson and folks from Glades Auction discuss a wooden carving of Jesus hanging out — sans arms — on a York County farm.)

I’m a pretty solid pain in the neck.

Just ask my mom.

So when the editorial board wrote an op-ed trying to get the attention of the History Channel show “American Pickers,” I knew I could be of assistance. Continue reading

The past two weeks: A concert for LIVE and two live chats

The past couple weeks have been pretty busy.

On Monday, I went to a concert for LIVE, the group I wrote about not too long ago. It was a good networking opportunity — and plus, I’ve never actually heard them play.

(I was more interested in Barbies than bands when their big album ‘Throwing Copper’ came out in the early 90s.)

Here I am with Chad Taylor, guitarist for The Gracious Few and LIVE. Taken at an after party at the White Rose Bar and Grill in York.

At the concert, they revealed their new lead singer, Chris Shinn.

Three of the band members — Chad Taylor, Patrick Dahlheimer and Chad Gracey — along with real estate developer Bill Hynes, make up Think Loud Development, a group that plans to rehab real estate in the city.

Read that story here.


Continue reading

SNAPSHOT: An early morning hangout with some paranormal consultants

Somehow, I always end up with photos of myself reporting.

York Daily Record/Sunday News photographer Chris Dunn (You can check out her blog here.) took this photo of me hanging out with a group of paranormal consultants at the end of January. It was an early morning. Note the Dunkin Donuts coffee mug on the floor.

I’m working on a story for an upcoming Sunday that involves hanging out with this eccentric trio and learning about what they do. Truthfully, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

In Chris’ photo, I’m wearing 50-year-old headphones and listening to audio footage from a recent investigation in which I followed the group. We’re honing in on electronic voice phenomena — disembodied ghost voices caught on tape.

Keep a look out for the story!


COLUMN: Mae on tap for 43 years and counting

Originally published in the Business Section of the York Daily Record/Sunday News on Sunday, March 20, 2011.

Daily Record/Sunday News

Maybe it was the DARE program or my parents’ stern warnings about alcoholism, but something seemed disconcerting about watching people crack

At 4'11" Mae Kreiger, age 86, is dwarfed by the taps at the White Rose. © 2011 York Daily Record/Sunday News -- Paul Kuehnel

open beers before the crack of dawn.

Reluctantly, I crawled out of bed, half-dreading the chilly, four-block trek between my house and Stogies, the White Rose Bar & Grill smoking lounge.

But I wanted to meet her.  Mae Kreiger, that is. She’s the 86-year-old bartender who unlocks the place at 5:30 a.m. weekdays, welcoming third-shift workers and those seeking a little something extra in their morning coffee.

Continue reading