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ScribbleLive adventures, frozen yogurt and chatting about the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act, upheld by the Supreme Court on Thursday, is confusing to say the least.

So, I figured it might be fun times to try and hold a live chat.

(I’ve decided to discontinue the weekly live chats, I think, and focus them on timely, current events as they happen.)

This was the perfect opportunity. Continue reading

Looking forward to using ScribbleLive for my ideaLab project

I used ScribbleLive for the first time Friday.

As you recall, CoverItLive announced it would be charging for their program, effective July 1. Continue reading

Let’s chat about … property taxes! Sound interesting? Some York Daily Record readers thought so.

This lawyer shocked the pants off me when his chat about property tax appeals garnered almost as much live readers as a local dating coach. Say what?

After a couple months now of holding live chats on Fridays at 10 a.m., I’ve come to the conclusion that it is absolutely impossible to predict what topics will hold an audience.

Last week, we chatted with local attorney Frank Countess, who has experience in challenging property tax assessments.

(The skinny: Your property taxes are based on what your house is worth. If your property value goes down, your taxes don’t go down automatically. You have to file an appeal or pray to god another countywide reassessment is on the horizon.)

I don’t get it … maybe because I don’t own land.

But the topic seemed to resonate with more than 50 participants who tuned into the live event on Friday.

This was just a few people shy of our most popular business live chat, the White Rose Matchmaker dating coach.

Dating vs. property taxes.

If I had to choose what topic to mull, it would be a no brainer.

But I guess that’s just me.

I feel this chat was successful not because of property taxes, specifically. It’s about the money-saving aspect.

And some York Countians I’ve met would play in moving traffic if it meant saving a few extra bucks.

When you combine that with the possibility of saving THOUSANDS in property taxes — well, that’s just live chat magic.

It’s all in how you spin it: ‘Storage Wars’ live chat a surprising success this week

A York Daily Record/Sunday News file photo shows Bob Anthony, maintenance worker at U-Stor-It in York County.

A month ago, Denise Anthony at U-STOR-IT self storage, a local storage locker business, contacted me about doing a live chat.

Initially, I had my doubts.

Why would anyone want to chat with a storage unit place? Storage lockers, to me, seemed to be a niche so specific it wouldn’t attract a large audience.

Then I thought bigger: STORAGE WARS! Continue reading

#boyer101: The best high school journalism workshop session EVER.

That’s me, molding young minds.

For the York Daily Record/Sunday News 19th annual high school journalism workshop, I presented my ideaLab project and the concept of the “mobile newsroom.”

I also did something that made at least two of my colleagues cringe.

During my 45-minute session, dubbed #boyer101, I allowed the self-proclaimed snarkiest member of the audience to tweet AS me from MY account, @laurenboyer.

Hilarity ensued. Continue reading

York Daily Record live chat connects woman with $40,000 a year job

I have yet to determine whether the live chats I’m doing every Friday with different businesses are worth my time or not.

But I hate breaking a streak.

So, the other Friday, when I was unable to make chat time, I taught my co-worker Sean Adkins how to use Cover It Live to connect with a local staffing agency. Continue reading

Live chatting about the law — connecting readers to a civil/criminal attorney

Attorney Joshua Autry answered legal questions for our readers during Friday's live chat.

The purpose of these weekly live chats is to connect readers with business professionals they would either have to pay or make a concerted effort to meet with.

I thought about bringing in a stock broker. A financial adviser. A psychiatrist.

And then I got an idea.

What kind of professional notoriously charges the most per hour? How could I offer this to ydr.com readers for free with enough incentive for the panelist to make their efforts worthwhile?

Lawyers. The answer was lawyers. Continue reading

Third weekly live chat: Ask the advice of an energy consultant

Click here to check out my latest weekly business live chat with Richards Energy Group of Manheim, Pa.

At YDR.com, I’ve done three weekly Friday live chats on our business page. One was with a dating coach. The other allowed readers to ask tax prep questions to a local CPA firm.

I’m trying to use Cover It Live to engage readers in conversation with types of advisers they might have to pay or make an effort to meet with. Continue reading

Dating dilemma? We live chatted about LOVE with a professional matchmaker

White Rose Matchmaker Rebekah Sweeney did a live chat with us. We'll re-purpose her answers into a Q&A for the paper.

Check out this live chat we did with the White Rose Matchmaker. It’s the second in a series of Friday live chats I’m attempting.

People love to blab about their relationships.

I know, because I have two X chromosomes.

I’ve sat through phone conversation after phone conversation after G-chat conversation with a female friend going through some sort of emotional turmoil over a guy who didn’t pay on the first date or another who just wants to get her in the sack as soon as possible.

I’ve also, allbeit shamefully, been on the other side of that dialogue.

So — in honor of Valentine’s Day — I wanted to channel that feminine drama into this week’s live chat. Continue reading

Making tax season sexy: Using Cover It Live to connect readers with local accountants

Click here to check out the live chat I did this week with local CPAs. It’s pretty cool. I promise.

Taxes — at least to me — are one of the most mundane topics I may ever have to write about on this beat.

They just are. They happen every year. Nothing really changes, minus a few new deductions here and there.

In essence, they are the business beat equivalent of covering high school graduations — or worse, Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania.

Necessary, but not the most exciting. Continue reading