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A year in review: Thirteen things I learned in 2013

1. Don’t be afraid to see your source naked. It might happen from time to time.

2. Pastors like to eat at McDonald’s. Since writing this post, I’ve run into a couple other clergymen while working as a mojo beneath the golden arches. Trend story?

This is Pastor Chet Joines of Round Hill Presbyterian Church in Crossroads, Pa. I met him at McDonald's in Manchester while on a mojo adventure.

This is Pastor Chet Joines of Round Hill Presbyterian Church in Crossroads, Pa. I met him at McDonald’s in Manchester two weeks ago while on a mojo adventure. My odd “office” space caught his eye.

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Giant sunflowers, the case of the missing WellSpan EMS, and other happenings

Between vacation and other shenanigans, I have been really REALLY bad at blogging lately.

So, here’s the run down of what I’ve been up to since the strip club story broke my heart when it ended abruptly: Continue reading

The good, bad and ugly stuff that happened to me in 2012

I detest typical “Year in Review” posts:

I ran in 2012 wearing these ridiculous glasses with my little sister, who came to York for the occasion.

I rang in 2012 wearing these ridiculous glasses with my little sister, who came to York for the occasion.




Yep, I’ve done none of said things. I’m still living in my awesome bachelorette pad apartment in York city. I don’t have a ring on it. And there certainly isn’t a fetus growing inside of me (that I’m aware of).

But hey, I still had a pretty awesome year full of adventures, successes and things that made me think.

Here’s a list of the good, the bad and the ugly from 2012: Continue reading

This weekend: Hungry journalist bakes birthday cake

The kitchen debris from cake baking. It’s almost as messy as my desk at YDR.

Unrelated to journalism at all (except for the fact that I documented every step of the process with my iPhone), I baked a cake for the first time this weekend.

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#fatatwork: ideaLab cupcake torture and my new favorite hashtag

Working in a cupcake shop. No big deal … unless you have a sweet tooth.

This week, in #ideaLab mobile reportingland, let’s talk a little about willpower.

On Thursday, I voluntarily decided to work from the oasis of deliciousness known as Macklin’s Cupcakes.

I hadn’t really been out to that side of the county. I hadn’t really tortured myself, either. Continue reading

Anatomy of a Central Market meet-up: Getting outside the office, generating page views

This story begins with my shameless self promotion a few days before the meet-up, both online and in the paper. It’s common sense:

If you want people to see you, you have to let them know where you are.

Here’s the “promo” that ran on ydr.com and in the York Daily Record/Sunday News early last week.


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The ‘Source List:’ Using Google Forms to keep track of contacts as a reporter on-the-go

Adios, Word document source lists. Buh-bye, business card binder. Bane of my existence.

So, it took me longer than probably necessary on Wednesday night to put together this Google Form.

But hey — anything that’s worth doing is worth doing right.

You see, I can be messy.

My purse is a the Bermuda Triangle of handbags — a place where business cards get lost forever. Once I’ve jotted down a phone number on a paper notepad, I’ll never find it again once a story’s been filed.

In fact, I currently have a cache of sources listed haphazardly in a Word document on Harris (Brownie points to anyone in journalism who actually knows what Harris is.)

It’s 2012. Time to cut out the paper, I say. Continue reading

Primping for my close-up: New year, new reporter headshot

This is my new reporter mugshot, taken by the lovely Kate Penn, YDR photographer extraordinaire.

I know, I know. I just spent an entire column making fun of executive glamour shots.

But I couldn’t resist taking a new reporter headshot on Thursday after finding out I’d need to send one in for Digital First Media’s ideaLab.

I mean, really? What’s a girl to do?

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Making tax season sexy: Using Cover It Live to connect readers with local accountants

Click here to check out the live chat I did this week with local CPAs. It’s pretty cool. I promise.

Taxes — at least to me — are one of the most mundane topics I may ever have to write about on this beat.

They just are. They happen every year. Nothing really changes, minus a few new deductions here and there.

In essence, they are the business beat equivalent of covering high school graduations — or worse, Groundhog Day in Pennsylvania.

Necessary, but not the most exciting. Continue reading