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#Boyer101 invades Martin Library for the Youth Empowerment Summit

On Thursday, I had a special treat.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it's fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

Some of my last group learning about journalism, and why it’s fun and everyone should do it, obviously.

I had the pleasure of speaking with two groups of  young people at Martin Library for the annual Youth Empowerment Summit.

Sponsored by the Harley-Davidson Foundation, the event connects students from the York Homeschool Association and 12 school districts with local professionals and artisans.

I got to speak about journalism, which is pretty rad.

I thought about bringing the NewsVroom van, but ultimately decided against it. I can’t parallel park my own car, let alone a gigantic creeper van. Continue reading

A ‘Thank You’ from the students at Central York High School

We got a note from the students over at Central York High School that just made my day Friday.

As you recall, wle did a NewsVroom presentation for two journalism classes a couple weeks ago.

Anywho, you can read it for yourselves.

A lot of them seemed SUPER enthused about getting out of the cubicle.

Click to enlarge:


Teaching digital journalism: I pose as Mayor Boyer of Shiloh for a lesson in live tweeting press conferences

Co-journalist-in-crime Brittany Wilson and I pose for a picture in front of a ScribbleLive of @TheNewsVroom tweets we used to illustrate live blogging during the fake presser.

Co-journalist-in-crime Brittany Wilson and I pose for a picture with the class in front of a ScribbleLive of @TheNewsVroom tweets we used to illustrate live blogging during the fake presser.

Things got a little wild Thursday (as they often do when the York Daily Record allows me to be involved in anything).

The plan: Drive the NewsVroom to Central York High School and teach two journalism classes about the joys of journalizing and using social media.

This included a fake press conference with a fake press release featuring yours truly, the ‘Mayor of Shiloh,’ denying allegations that she embezzled city funds to build a half-size replica of Hershey Park in her backyard.

You can read that jawn here. Continue reading

NewsVrooming with the Girl Scouts at Dover Area Community Library

So, last night was super fun.

I joined co-workers Brittany Wilson and Sarah Chain to kickoff the NewsVroom’s yearlong initiative of visiting York County libraries.

We traveled to Dover Area Community Library, where I had the opportunity to present my ideaLab project to Girl Scout Troop #20195.

Before a mock press conference, I discussed basic apps (QuickVoice, iMovie, Notability, 360Pano, etc.) and I got to play this video of this old man with his funny cane.

The best part: One of the girls recommended I go set up my “office” at Chuck-E-Cheese.

Loves it.

Here are some photos from the event:


I had to drive the NewsVroom van, because — let’s be honest — everyone else was scared to.

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Boyer talks SnapChat, whereabouts for the last two weeks


During a brief hiatus from this blog, I learned about the joys of SnapChatting from my little sister, Casey. She’s 21 and totally hip.

Hello world.

I’m back at it after a couple week hiatus.

What happened during that time, you ask?

(Or maybe you don’t. I often think people are more interested in my shenanigans than they actually are.)

For one, I took the bajillion days off that I had been storing all year long for no particular purpose.

I used the time to experience the culture of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

I also learned about the SnapChat app from my sister. My life will never be the same.

How it works: You send someone an image, but they can only see it for 10 seconds before it disappears. You can draw on the photo. Give them a mustache. Type a message on top of it. Whatever.

But they can only see it for 10 BLOODY SECONDS.

I don’t get it, but I love it. And I hear it’s what the kids are doing these days. Continue reading

Of parrots and pancake breakfasts: My Saturday working night cops

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

This is me and fellow business reporter Stephanie Reighart being awesome.

I spent Saturday morning hanging out with my coworkers, the NewsVroom and a man dressed as Santa Claus at the Boy Scout Troop 94 pancake breakfast in the Shiloh Fire Hall.

Trust me, anyone who was anyone and was on social media between 7 a.m. and noon that day knew without a shadow of a doubt that A PANCAKE BREAKFAST WAS GOING ON.

Why? Because we covered the crap out of it using ScribbleLive.

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Meet Haley, my high school journalism job shadow from Spring Grove Area High School

I had a newsroom buddy today. Meet Haley Staub, 16, of Spring Grove aka @tarhelgrl50 on Twitter.

Well, today was tons of fun. (So was Friday, and the pie party, but I’ll get to that in another post.)

A Spring Grove Area High School junior from our Teen Takeover staff hung out with me all day for part of her graduation project.

She decided to shadow me after attending my #boyer101 session earlier this year. My presentation, apparently, hadn’t scared her off.

Here’s how the day went down: Continue reading

Liveblogging the ‘pie party’ and other assorted random weekend shenanigans

Because I’m ridiculous …

And because I overestimate the interest in my random adventures …

And because I want practice liveblogging, so I’m not like “Um, how the heck do I use this?” when I have to do it for breaking news …

I’m liveblogging the rural ‘pie party’ extravaganza I’m going to around 7 p.m. Click here on our York Common Cents blog for updates, if you care.

Feel free to chime in with a comment and annoy me. Continue reading

Boyer the Explorer: I’m going to a ‘pie party’ in rural York County

Some delicious pie I consumed last week.

After visiting a diner in northern York County, I got an email from a reader.

“You should visit our close knit neighborhood in the farm country of Northern York Country,” it said.

Jim Dickey is having a pie party Friday night at his home on Blue Hill School Road. And I’m invited.

What’s a pie party, you ask?

It’s a community gathering in the rural farmlands — one with lots of pies, obviously. Continue reading

That time I visited a place where no one knew what the York Daily Record was … and it’s OK

Fruit cup + toast + computer + Hootsuite = love.

I got some good feedback from my column today, which focused on my travels Thursday through northern York County, a place that doesn’t get much attention from our paper.

So far, it inspired one couple to invite me to their a “pie party” next week in the rural farmlands of northern York county. More on that later.

I just wanted to add a few tidbits of awesomeness from yesterday, despite the annoying fact that no one intentionally stopped by to share a story idea.

But hey, it happens sometimes — even when you promote the crap out of yourself. Continue reading